Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Occupy Art Show @ Bowery Poetry Club


And so that Occupy Art Show @ Bowery Poetry took place a couple of days ago, freezing artic weather, snowstorm and all. And today finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 900 and something again, I think..... And Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast. And so what else is there that I can Occupy Art say about an Occupy Art Show at Bowery Poetry with all of its poetry readings, that has not already been said in an Occupy Art time, except that it seems to have been an Occupy Art Show of a night as in those photos and videos that find themselves posted above. And thanks to Bowery Poetry Club for letting Occupy Art in NYC present this show, and thanks to Occupy Wall Street, Nonsense NYC, Jenny Gonzalez Blitz and others for listing this event, Slum Goddess for one of those photos that finds itself posted above, Fly for her zine table, everyone who made it out to perform, Occupy Art open mic and all,  GANDER.tv for live streaming that event and Galinsky for hosting the night. Occupy Art was here again. Occupy Art Worldwide.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Occupy Art Is Here Again

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. Occupy Art is here again. Well actually it's Occupy Art is almost here again as I type this blog post. And I know Occupy Art is almost here again because that Occupy Art Show @ Bowery Poetry Facebook event invite says so. And so today finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 900 and something, I think..... And Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast, well sort of fast. And actually Occupy Art was already here before on this blog at Theater For The New City a couple of years ago. It's just that this time that Occupy Art Show finds itself at The Bowery Poetry Club, that finds itself in that city of New York, that finds itself in that neighborhood of the Lower East Side that now calls itself the East Village for real estate marketing purposes, maybe. And so I thought that this would be a good reason to drag this Occupy Art blog out of the blogger closet again that has been collecting blogger dust since its last post a couple of years ago. Oh, and ditto a few days later.... and that Occupy Art Photo that Galinsky posted on his Facebook page, well that's just Occupy Art cool. And that Occupy Art Show event invite reads as follows:

Occupy Art Show @ Bowery Poetry Club Sunday, January 26, 8:30pm until 10:30pm

Come to a show of Carla Cubit's Occupy Wall Street artworks and an art, performance and exhibition party! There will also be an **Occupy Art Open Mic** for all who want to perform. Special musical guests from various brass bands as well!

Participating Artists include:

Robert Galinsky, Reality TV
Chris Flash of The Shadow,
Seth Tobocman powerpoint presentation of his artwork with musicians Eric Blitz and Ben Barson
Aaron Kay Pieman
Jeff Wright, Poet
Leonard Abrams of East Village Eye
No Police State Girls Day
MoRUS collective
LES Squat History zines

This event is inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests. Occupy Wall Street artists and documenting artists will mingle with other downtown voices and vibes to expand scope, perspective and inspiration towards an ongoing series of future culture jams around this theme and time.
Please come join us to begin and/or continue the discussion in a variety of media: painting, digital art, film, video and performances mediums. Hope to see you there. Bring your Occupy Art dancing shoes. Occupy Art Worldwide.

$5-$10 sliding-scale admission, no one will be turned away. Cash bar.

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery, New York, New York 10012