Monday, October 1, 2018

Black Lives Matter Went to Bushwick Open Studios 2018

And so it's been quite a while since since I have signed into this blog and this time I find myself signing in to post that another one of those Black Lives Matter Art Shows, or at least parts of it, went to Bushwick Open Studios 2018 or at least it went to the Essential Music and Art Show 2018 that was part of Bushwick Open Studios, annual event run by Arts in Bushwick, where visitors and locals can explore the studios and other art events that make our neighborhood great. And there was another attempt to display those "Your Thoughts on Black Lives Matter" banners and vend those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #notmypresident, #occupywallstreet, #berniesanders, #nopolicestate, #yoga, #music, #brooklyn, #bushwick & #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each at this event.  And thanks Lizzie for that artists open call that gave me another opportunity to drag that artwork out of the closet and take it to 49 Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn to display in one of those many booths and rooms along with a lot of other artists for those few days of the Bushwick Open Studios tour, September 28th-30th.  And a few more "Your Thoughts on Black Lives Matter" thoughts were written on those banners, and a few more thoughts were also written on those cloths that were hung on those I guess you can call them, clothesline banners as in those photos that find themselves posted above. And I was not able to make it to those seemingly a million other spaces on that Bushwick Open Studios 2018 guide map, though just walking down Wyckoff a few short blocks, one could see that Bushwick has come alive with that House of YES Block Party! and Uta and a bunch of artists and sidewalk vendors in between. And so that Essential Music and Art Show 2018 Facebook event invite reads something like as follows:

Bushwick Open Studios 2018!!


So, we are very glad to be hosting the Essential event grand finale at this massive art debauchery event at another amazing warehouse in Bushwick (The new Berlin). 

From paintings, photos, metal sculptures, installations, tarot readers, etc... the art show will be free for all the patrons from 3pm to 8pm. 

This year I will be helping curate the building so any interest should be sent ASAP to reserve a space to 

If you care for art be there and do your part...... :)



Brandon Schreck
Kevin Gerien
Isabelle Ewing **Painting Live**
Jarid Blue [light baths] **Painting Live**
rebecca marley
ANJL **Painting Live**
Ian Cinco **Painting Live**
Luca De Daetano
Sinejan Kılıc Buchina
Andrea Karo
Marine Nikola
Anna Grun
Aaron Ray-Crichton
Uta Brauser
Adrien Marcais
Lucia Rollow
Andy Golub **Painting Live**
Eva Mueller
Carla Jean
Uniska Wahala Kano
Ian Sullivan **Painting Live**
Jackson Lin **Painting Live**
Goofy Froot
Grind By Michele **Painting Live**
Yolanda Cheng
Sujay Sanchez
Stephanie Gate
Terry DeLuise
Khaled Jaafar
Ilaria Ortensi
Lauren Searls Reardon
Kosuke James
Elena Kay **Painting Live**
Erik Olson **Painting Live**
John Rovito **Painting Live**
Jennifer Gaita Siciliano **Painting Live**
Jeff Spindel **Painting Live**
Action Jackson **Painting Live**
Rose wolf collective
Crushed Cosmetics
Mother Meraki

This year we will be partnering with the *Wyckoff Beer Garden* adjacent to our main event! Come join us in celebrating the art and the artists late into the evening Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 

Meet the artists and enjoy a beverage at this beautiful gathering of the community.



The Covert Staton --
East Williamsburg Market --
49 Wyckoff Ave -- (coming this spring)

Black Lives Matter.  Occupy Art.  Occupy Wall Street Worldwide. 

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