Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Art Worldwide

Hey again bloggers. And as far as I blagher know, today is Occupy Wall Street Day 35 and that global revolution of Occupy Wall Street seems to still be moving fast. And our Occupy Art Show is still somewhere on the horizon, as being that the theater we plan to use for our show has limited space, we have decided to go with the schedule of performances for that day and it now looks like we may have a a clearer idea of who the performers are and what the schedule may look like. And this is reflected in our facebook event invite that we have updated.
And that facebook event invite reads something like as follows:

We will have an art, performance and exhibition pop up party called " Occupy Art" to be held at Theater For The New City on Saturday, November 12th from 4 pm on.
This event is inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests. We are looking for art, performance and video to install during the event.

Please come join us to continue the discussion in a variety of media: performance, painting, sculpture, drawing, graffiti, etc.

4pm - Artists Reception
6pm - Performances
8pm - Open Mike

John Penley
Anna Harrah of No Comment Art Show

Jessica Danser/dansfolk, Allison Jones

Video Projectionist
Brent Felker - "the 99"

Slide Show/Documentary Video
Duke and Dutchess Creation
Cynthia De Moss, vocals

Short Film and Photography
Anne Hanavan

Poetry Slam
James C. Matthews

Participating artists include:
Galinsky, Duke and Dutchess Creations, Hip Hop USA artists and MCs, Scott-Free, Lisa Moira, Richard West, Cheryl Parry, Layla Merritt, live visual art by Marthalicia Matarrita, Darryl LaVare, Chris Lee aka Shadow, James Top grafitti art, Duke Nine, Dottie Wilson, Nina Katan and Lola Katan, Ayesha Adamo, Adriano Moraes, Lawrence Swan and more tba..

Participating musicians include:
Welf Dorr from Underground Horns, No Police State Girl, Meg Montgomery, Kid Lucky, Marta Rosario, JaE sLiM, more tba...


And Jae Slim plans to sing his Let's Start A Revolution song there also as in that video that finds itself posted above and we are still accepting submissions also. Occupy Art Worldwide. Have a great art, music and more day.

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