Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street With Art

Hey again all. Today is Occupy Wall Street Day 43 and a lot has happened with those Occupy Wall Street events since we made our last post on this blog. And Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are still moving fast, and even though Halloween is approaching and our Occupy Art NYC Show at Theater for the New City is still some time away, the date of that event has gotten nearer. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood, Theater for the New City will be having their Village Halloween Costume Ball this year again also. And our schedule is starting to get full for the amount of time that we have for that day, though this schedule is also not set in stone and subject to change, though we are hoping to follow some sort of a basic format due to the limited amount of time and space we will have at the Theater for the New City that day. We are asking artists to show up a half an hour or an hour before the Occupy Art Show is to start, to hang and display their work. and we are also encouraging everyone to bring slides for the projectors that we plan to have there, hopefully, and we hope to have an open mic towards the end of the event for all who may want to perform depending on the amount of people who show up that day. And that Facebook event invite that we have updated again reads something like as follows. Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution. We are the ninety nine percent. Occupy Wall Street With Art Worldwide.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in "Occupy Art NYC~!" an art, performance and exhibition pop up party to be held at Theater For The New City on Saturday, November 12th from 4pm until 9pm.
This event is inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests. We seek all art genres: Visual Art, Performance and Film/Video to be featured at the event, which will also have a live video feed component. Occupy Wall Street artists and... documenting artists will mingle with other downtown voices and vibes to expand scope, perspective and inspiration towards an ongoing series of future culture jams around this theme and time. Time is Now.

Please come join us to begin and/or continue the discussion in a variety of media: painting, digital art, film, video and performances mediums, including a special documentary presentation by journalists and artists who have extensively covered the Wall Street occupation and its off-shoots.

4 Artist Reception with Refreshments
Doc Video and Short Film Presentation
Slides Shows of Art Work/Multi-Media
6 Comedy, Poetry, Music Begins
7 Hungry March Band
8pm Music Continues, Open Mic
After-party TBA

Reps from OWS:
Luke Rudkowsky, We Are Change
showing doc footage and speaking
John Penley, renowned activist, speaking
Anna Harrah of No Comment Art Show

Slide Show/Doc Video/Stories
Duke and Dutchess Creations

Video Projectionist
Brent Felker - "the 99"
vlad t of glassbead collective

Short Film and Photography
Anne Hanavan
Lily Gavin

Poetry Slam
James C. Matthews
Puma Pearl

Jessica Danser/dansfolk, Allison Jones

Participating Artists include:
Galinsky, Cynthia De Moss, SinXero (SX), Lisa Moira, Richard West, Cheryl Parry, Layla Merritt, live visual art by Marthalicia Matarrita, Darryl LaVare, Chris Lee aka Shadow, James Top, Duke Nine, Dottie Wilson, Nina Katan and Lola Katan, Ayesha Adamo, Adriano Moraes, Lawrence Swan, Irena Romendik, Shell Sheddy, Koshek Swaminathan, poetry by Rodney Rigoli and more tba..

Participating musicians include:
Welf Dorr from Underground Horns, Hungry March Band, No Police State Girl, Meg Montgomery of Pluto Crazy Frack Attack, Kid Lucky, Marta Rosario, JaE sLiM, Malik Work of The Real Live Show, Agent Android, Jerry and the tea parti, more tba...

Let's keep the conversation going:
Please join our fb pages: Occupy Art NYC and Occupy Art World-Wide~!!!

this is a free event


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